Adrisen Technologies

IT Consultancy

We provide consultancy services for small and big projects. We specialise in developing custom-built applications on top of the SharePoint platform to improve business productivity within your organsation. We have succeeded in helping hundreds of organisations meet their goals through custom application and software development. We provide assistance on integration of existing systems with the systems built on new technologies.

Business Requirements Analysis

In order to maintain a competitive edge in their industry, we can work with your organisation to produce an in-depth report detailing the areas of your business and infrastructure that has the potential for improvement and cost-effectiveness.

Process Definition and Design

This key stage in the consultancy process establishes and clarifies your business process/workflow requirements before engaging in solution delivery.

Project Definition and Scoping

Whatever SharePoint project you are planning to implement, we can work with you to plan, gather requirements and accurately cost your project. We can provide you with a written proposal outlining the work required to address your requirements.